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She’s fourteen, and she already feels like shit for being born white and cis.

Fuck tumblr.

this makes me sad more than anything. The fact that people feel guilty for existing is sad.

oh poor white cis people

grow the fuck up; this site is one of the only places where minorities can vent and stupid cis people are offended

just stop

No, here’s the fucking thing. This site isn’t for one group of people. It’s a fucking blogging site. For EVERYONE. You tell people not to be ashamed of what they fucking are, but only of its what you want? That’s pretty fucking disgusting. If you want equality, you don’t preach hate, because hate breeds more hate. That 14 year old isn’t your oppressor. She has done nothing wrong to be forced to hate herself, and to hate what she was born in. Grow the fuck up.

Tumblr isn’t a place for your own benefit. It’s not a place where you can hate people to your own desires and expect them to suffer because you think that they deserve it for being part of a group that typically offends you. It is a place where everyone can feel themselves, and not hate on innocents.

Realize that you are also hated for being part of a particular group and you’re right to dislike the people who have wronged you, but not the group. The individuals are the ones to blame and if this individual here has not done a single thing to give you a reason to hate them. Do you even know this girl’s name? No. These five words are the only words you can use to describe her. 

And finally, let me ask you this. Don’t you just hate the people who judge you for being some horrible person just for being something you can’t control? The answer is yes, is it not? Then how the fuck can you judge someone for something they didn’t choose? How the fuck are you a special case and more righteous than the people you so despise? 

This post always gets better.

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